The Degree Kettle is a new electric appliance designed to enhance your daily coffee or tea ritual. It features temperature control, ensuring the perfect amount of heat for various types of hot drinks. While kettles are intended to be displayed on a counter, table or desk, they often lack the aesthetics to proudly stand in these environments. I strived to create something bold that users would be proud to own.​​​​​​​
Material: Stainless steel, abs plastic, electronics
Type: Personal
Status: Concept
Being able to rapidly prototype ideas allowed for a better understanding of proportions and user interaction. This, in unison with sketching facilitated quick development of the idea.
-use of ar/vr
With this project, I embraced new technologies like virtual and augmented reality. In VR, I rapidly developed ideas and new forms for the kettle body while in AR, I was able to understand the scale and how the device would fit into your environment.
-ready set proto feature
In December of 2019, I was a featured designer on Ready Set Proto to explain my prototyping process with the Degree Kettle. This included posts and stories shedding light on how the design was born.

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